Sustainablity &


Imagine a world where your company clothing is made from discarded recycled materials.
We call it “Corporate upcycling” and we adapt it to you and your company’s DNA.

This is now reality…
When we upcycle your products, we start by sourcing used clothing that has been discarded.
We then collect, design and reproduce the garments so that they meet your specific requirements.
We guarantee that all material is recycled, from fabric to sewing thread and possibly embroidery.
We offer small, exclusive orders for your company, so you can become part of a green, sustainable and environmentally friendly future

How does our House Brand service work?
  • Creative Designs
  • Development & Fitting
  • Pattern Design
  • Pre Samples
  • Production
  • Delivery
How does our Private Label service work?
  • Client Deliver Designs
  • Pre Samples
  • Production
  • Delivery
Main services

Private Label Design & Production

Additional Services For Our Private Label Customers

Website / Web shop development

Additional Services For Our Private Label Customers

Marketing, Photoshoot, POS, Logo